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Are You Being The Real You?

“Today you could be you, that is truer as opposed to true. There is no one alive who is responsible for you’re than you. ” : Dr Seuss (1904-1991)

Last week I was driving from home to pick up my eldest son, who seems to have just completed his first time of University. It was some cold day, and I could see new snow at the tops of the mountains. When real had started with torrential storm, but by the time I just left, it was pretty arid, and there was even lots of sunshine on the way downwards. On the way, there is a long stretch where nothing much to see except trees on either side of this road. It can be quite boring to ascertain just trees, but at this period of the year, when the leaves have grown, with all their different blinds of green, I began to notice the incredible variety, not only in your types of trees, but also the diversity that existed between trees of this same species. (And, absolutely, I was also careful about making time for the road too! )#) any of them seemed to have distinct personalities and quirks. It made me find us!

It seems that so millions of people try very hard to resemble everyone else and conform in the norm, possibly in order to last hidden in the crowd without having to bring attention to ourselves. (Genuinely, that’s not me. I like bright clothes and typically talk too much! ) #) But, I really wish that we could celebrate our differences and allow ourselves to allow the world see what wonderful, unique beings we’ve been. Yes, we do have much in accordance with others, and that is something we’re able to be proud of, but it happens to be in our differences that we can provide so much to offer. I are not aware about you, but I love meeting new people and going for hear about their lives not to mention adventures, as well as travelling to new places and also testing new food.
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